IP First Training Solutions

To support its IP advocacy efforts, IP First provides training solutions to critical segments of the IP stakeholder community, such as law makers, policy makers, administrators, innovators and inventors.


“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

Benjamin Franklin

IP First artificial-intelligence

Why we are passionate about training

Awareness may cultivate an appreciation for intellectual property, but only training can deepen a person’s understanding of intellectual property.

And it is only from the population with a deeper understanding of intellectual property that we can truly develop the critical mass of evangelists and defenders who will not only sustain and defend the standards of current IP systems but will help improve them.

So far, the population with the required understanding of IP is largely limited to IP practitioners (lawyers). The innovators, inventors, policy makers and administrators, who form a critical segment of the IP community are largely without this level of understanding.

IP First is committed to help change this state of affairs, through training programmes targeted at these critical stakeholder sub-groups, such as policy makers, law makers, administrators, innovators and inventors.

IP First believes that it is only through the delivery of high value training that policy makers, law makers and administrators can truly gain the depth of understanding needed to strengthen their resolve to help evolve effective IP systems that would be beneficial to the countries of Africa.

IP First takes this aspect of its operations very seriously. And we will continue to provide various training solutions including training workshops and seminars that are designed to help us bridge the gap and realise the desired objective.

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