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IP First Mission

To be a relentless advocate for the evolution of effective IP systems in the countries of Africa and the world in general, for the benefit of mankind.


IP First Vision

To be a reliable and dependable partner to stakeholders in the area of intellectual property.

Who we are

IP First was created to help evolve a robust IP system in Nigeria, whilst increasing the awareness of and deepening the culture of respect for intellectual property rights not only in Nigeria, but across the African Continent.

In most parts of Africa, and in Nigeria in particular, the awareness of the strategic importance of intellectual property (IP) is either low or non-existent. And we realize that without the ability to protect the outcomes of our creativity, we risk losing the ability to create, innovate and produce. It is this realization that spurs us on at IP First, to do all we can to deepen the IP importance awareness narrative in Africa in general and in Nigeria in particular.

Though the journey towards developing a robust IP system for Nigeria didn’t start now, the object is far from being realized. Earlier efforts have no doubt borne some fruits but despite the gains recorded, the achievements can at best be described as modest and a lot could still be achieved.

There are too many gaps in the IP space, with little or no synergy between the various stakeholder groups. Closing this gap is critical to delivering on the objective of evolving a robust IP system, that will not only empower lives but that will stimulate the expansion of our economy to record levels.

IP First hopes to help bridge the gap between regulators, policy makers, practitioners, inventors and creatives, through its efforts in advocacy, training and consultancy.

We’ve started off by trying to foster a positive relationship with regulators, administrators and policy makers whilst helping inventors and creatives understand the rights that arise from their works of creation and how to protect those rights and how to avoid infringing on other people’s rights.

IP First works closely with various stakeholder groups in our advocacy efforts, to ensure that we communicate unified messages on IPR issues to policy makers, administrators and media to emphasise the importance of IPR to the growth of the economy and the realization of our national development objectives.

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